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I should also mention when doing the detox using heantos we didn't use benzodiazepines along with.  The client just went through a two yr wean off that nasty class of drugs and wasnt willing to repeat.  Her vomiting prevented good doses of kava and other natural substances but we tried.  Lomitil/clonidine/antimedics was our saving grace. One thing for sure... I've learned I'm not the best option for a cold turkey detox.  I won't do it again.  I swear, I was in wd with her but hadn't ingested an opiate in yrs. I done too many Ct myself to be a strong effective assistant.   We were lucky to have md back up to get the I.V's/meds needed to assist her.  

> On Jan 28, 2017, at 7:17 AM, Sister <sistereboga at yahoo.com> wrote:
> When I was in my "honeymoon" stage with sub I talked a few friends into scripting sub.  I took the test required for them.  Supposed to be a 8 hour course which was longer for me the first time.  MD's are taught the bs around sub and Warned of the addicts behavior when coming off.  They do believe it, I believed it till I lived it.
>> On Jan 27, 2017, at 3:32 PM, dana at phantom.com wrote:
>> Yeah bupe is the biggest problem providers face--although inexplicably
>> methadone was a better predictor of failure in Kingsley Brown's
>> longitudinal MAPS study of 30 patients. What's really shocking is that in
>> some states they're trying to force it on teenagers for "marijuana
>> addiction>."
>> Does anyone on this list know about kratom/heantos for stepping off subs
>> prior to ibo?
>> Dana
>>> Forty mg's?  Wow!  I didn't think anyone even dosed that high.  I work
>>> for a non-profit that works with poor people, so of course a lot of our
>>> clients have drug problems.  We had a doctor on our board at one time,
>>> she was a perfectly nice person, but she did a presentation for staff
>>> about heroin addiction and since she actually prescribed bup in her
>>> practice she talked about that.  I challenged her on some of what she
>>> said and she was actually taken aback so I think she believed what she
>>> was saying.  She said that bup was less addictive than heroin and that
>>> comparatively the withdrawal was not very severe. I told her that I knew
>>> people personally who had taken it and they all agreed it was much, much
>>> harder to get off of and she said "yeah that's kind of the story on the
>>> street" as if the people taking it didn't actually know better than her
>>> or whoever told her it wasn't as addictive and the withdrawal wasn't as
>>> severe (which of course would be the people who sell it).  That always
>>> bugged me because she was a genuinely nice person and she really did
>>> seem concerned about the people she dealt with.  I think she may have
>>> been blinded by her own credentials a little to not believe "the story
>>> on the street".
>>> Matt
>>>> On 1/27/2017 9:31 AM, Sister Eboga wrote:
>>>> well said Matt…   I also fell for the bs around sub.  At first and for
>>>> many month I put all blame on the quack.   Had to have a come to jesus
>>>> talk with myself and take some responsibility.  I went to the quacks
>>>> office and ask for the drug.  I am the one that didn’t do a lick of
>>>> research on the poison.  I just heard you won’t have to go through wd
>>>> and that was all I needed/wanted to know.  Being a nurse…. I have no
>>>> one to blame but me.  If I didn’t go seeking for an easy way out I
>>>> wouldn’t have been put on 40mg of sub 12 hours post my last methadone
>>>> ingestion….  10 yrs ago.. not much info in this poison but nowadays…
>>>> no excuses.  can’t put blame on no one but the person who goes
>>>> seeking.  Yeah.. the quack is scum but he didn’t go knocking at the
>>>> addicts door, I am sure.
>>>> Smooth Journey,
>>>> Sister
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