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Kraton is a calcium channel blocker... poor choice.  Also... the kick from extracts are no picnic itself.  Very addictive.

Heantos... I've only work with it once with a nurse who was a seasoned addict.  She wasn't eligible for ibo. First two three days went sorta smoothly..as an observer it appeared to potentiate the opiates in her system then when they wore out... she was sick as a dog.  Worse two week I had in assisting a cold turkey.  I sympathize too much watching a cold turkey.  Haven't tried again.   I prefer to work with a "cleaner" opiate.  I get using Kraton to assist stepping off methadone.  Then switch to sao, then ibo.  Sub.. I suggest my clients to drop to 2 mg immed then flip to sao once half life decreases significantly.  
I went from 40mgs of sub to 2mgs in a week.. no issues.  I was motivated.  Also a "seasoned" junkie.  I weaned slowly from two to 0... wd kicked in heavy at about day 8 and 8 month later still only sleeping 10 hours a week.  I'm thankful since it made me start really seeking alternatives.  As soon as I found ibo.. lock down a tx I went on Sao to try and get in better shape for ibo.  

> On Jan 27, 2017, at 3:32 PM, dana at phantom.com wrote:
> Yeah bupe is the biggest problem providers face--although inexplicably
> methadone was a better predictor of failure in Kingsley Brown's
> longitudinal MAPS study of 30 patients. What's really shocking is that in
> some states they're trying to force it on teenagers for "marijuana
> addiction>."
> Does anyone on this list know about kratom/heantos for stepping off subs
> prior to ibo?
> Dana
>> Forty mg's?  Wow!  I didn't think anyone even dosed that high.  I work
>> for a non-profit that works with poor people, so of course a lot of our
>> clients have drug problems.  We had a doctor on our board at one time,
>> she was a perfectly nice person, but she did a presentation for staff
>> about heroin addiction and since she actually prescribed bup in her
>> practice she talked about that.  I challenged her on some of what she
>> said and she was actually taken aback so I think she believed what she
>> was saying.  She said that bup was less addictive than heroin and that
>> comparatively the withdrawal was not very severe. I told her that I knew
>> people personally who had taken it and they all agreed it was much, much
>> harder to get off of and she said "yeah that's kind of the story on the
>> street" as if the people taking it didn't actually know better than her
>> or whoever told her it wasn't as addictive and the withdrawal wasn't as
>> severe (which of course would be the people who sell it).  That always
>> bugged me because she was a genuinely nice person and she really did
>> seem concerned about the people she dealt with.  I think she may have
>> been blinded by her own credentials a little to not believe "the story
>> on the street".
>> Matt
>>> On 1/27/2017 9:31 AM, Sister Eboga wrote:
>>> well said Matt…   I also fell for the bs around sub.  At first and for
>>> many month I put all blame on the quack.   Had to have a come to jesus
>>> talk with myself and take some responsibility.  I went to the quacks
>>> office and ask for the drug.  I am the one that didn’t do a lick of
>>> research on the poison.  I just heard you won’t have to go through wd
>>> and that was all I needed/wanted to know.  Being a nurse…. I have no
>>> one to blame but me.  If I didn’t go seeking for an easy way out I
>>> wouldn’t have been put on 40mg of sub 12 hours post my last methadone
>>> ingestion….  10 yrs ago.. not much info in this poison but nowadays…
>>> no excuses.  can’t put blame on no one but the person who goes
>>> seeking.  Yeah.. the quack is scum but he didn’t go knocking at the
>>> addicts door, I am sure.
>>> Smooth Journey,
>>> Sister
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