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Sister Eboga sistereboga at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 10:31:55 CST 2017

well said Matt…   I also fell for the bs around sub.  At first and for many month I put all blame on the quack.   Had to have a come to jesus talk with myself and take some responsibility.  I went to the quacks office and ask for the drug.  I am the one that didn’t do a lick of research on the poison.  I just heard you won’t have to go through wd and that was all I needed/wanted to know.  Being a nurse…. I have no one to blame but me.  If I didn’t go seeking for an easy way out I wouldn’t have been put on 40mg of sub 12 hours post my last methadone ingestion….  10 yrs ago.. not much info in this poison but nowadays… no excuses.  can’t put blame on no one but the person who goes seeking.  Yeah.. the quack is scum but he didn’t go knocking at the addicts door, I am sure.
Smooth Journey,

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