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Jim Hadey3 jimhadey3 at gmail.com
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Hi Sis,

Dana had maybe 6, not quite sure and it went to
the spam but I do not know about the others.  I
do not know how many you had but here is
something that may explain it.


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If you're a seriously large sender, beware--The big three (Google,
MSN/Hotmail, and Yahoo as well as that wanna-be monster AOL) all seem to
have serious challenges to people who send more than X number of emails to
them per second (honestly, that number is not published as far as I know).
Regardless of what you do, regardless of how legit you are, they all seem
to get touchy when you jam a bunch of email down their throats. It's worse
when you're just getting started and they don't "trust" you yet.

The "big" senders such as Socketlabs, SMTP.com etc all throttle sending to
sites in the beginning, but especially the big hosts. We were having some
similar issues with a well established, properly setup host. When we added
a short delay between sends to similar hosts (i.e. when our server sends an
email to hotmail followed by another email to hotmail, it delays a few
miliseconds) our delivery rate to those hosts skyrocketed. Sure, it slows
down sending at little bit, but we're still able to get out several hundred
thousand emails a day without fail.

Know, however, that you can never guarantee that an email will not be spam
or even 100% guarantee that it'll be delivered. Between overzealous spam
rules, inept users, the blackhole of AOL and connectivity challenges of a
nationwide network, there are a million and one reasons why your email may
never reach an inbox. The only thing you can do is ensure that you've
covered your bases and that from your end it's good to go.
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  - JIM
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