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"ibogaine does not work for people who are not on short acting opiates."
my experience is such that the statement above is untrue. At least for me.
ive also heard while it is much harder, it can be done. i tapered down from
8-16mg a day, down to 2mg a day over the course of a year. i kept it at 2mg
for about 4 weeks and i just could not go lower than that. the ibo worked
well, but i had to take 2-3 boosters. it was very horrible & the PAWS
stayed with me for several months.
i have also heard that some providers do not like to treat sub, as its much
harder in every aspect. if someone were asking me how to go about getting
off of sub with ibo, i would insist that they be on no more than 2mg a day
& they have been at that level for at least 4 weeks, but ideally for 6
weeks. if possible, switching to short acting opiates for 6 weeks would be

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 12:28 AM, annette d wrote:
Hi George.  I just wanted to say hello.  You are in a good place.  From
what I have learned ibogaine may very well be the answer you are looking
for.  What happened to me is that the dysfunction of being addicted to
opiates brought me into contact with both methadone and suboxkne and
ibogaine does not work for people who are not on short acting opiates.  If
you don't mind me asking, what are you on?  There are plenty of well
educated people to guide you on the right track here on the list albeit I
am not one of them.  I just saw your message and wanted to say welcome.
Merry Christmas!

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