[Ibogaine] Iboga and Liver Problems

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 05:08:59 CST 2014

Get a liver panel done but I would say u will be ok. I have never heard of
anybody dying of liver failure associated with Ibogaine. Matter of fact
never heard of anybody being turned down for bad panels. Have heard of
people being turned down when showing signs of advanced liver disease
On Nov 18, 2014 3:10 AM, "Valarie" <val.needis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Leo,
> At my worst I was up to 60 Norco a day.  They were 10/325, I switched from
> Vicodin to Norco because I actually believed I was being "healthier" that
> way. Lol.
> I drank with them most the time with lots of benzo's , I have had my liver
> tested about 3 times now and everything has been fine.
> I know a free rehab ran by the state gave me a liver panel , and when I
> went to the methadone clinic , and when I told my doctor to give me one.
> If you don't have insurance there is something you can say so that in the
> ER they will have to do it, I don't remember what it was but if you call a
> Ibo treatment center they can tell you .
> How are you by the way?
> Are you planning your treatment soon?.
> Lotsof love , Val
>  Hello, I have desperately been needing to do iboga for my opiate and
> benzo dependence, but am concerned with my health. I am fairly young 26y
> old coming on 27 and from 19-23 I used lortabs 4-6 very frequently
> especially from 21-23 the acetaminophen I know has probably done damage to
> my liver cuz I also drank on top of them and get mild pains when drink
> alcohol. I know alcoholics in their 40's have done iboga and not died from
> it but you never know. I did have the methadone clinic draw blood at age 23
> and said I was fine but still I'm not convinced, I know the best help will
> be from a liver panel but wanted to know if anyone's had problems like this
> and still did the ibogaine treatment. Any input will be helpful
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