[Ibogaine] Who are we when we are not addicted...

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WOW Isabelle; I really enjoyed this!  

I feel like I just got fed a huge nutritious meal and it's going to take a while to digest.  In fact; there's gonna be "leftovers".  But thank you for sharing because he shed some light on questions I've had for a while.

Have a great day!

P.S. Here's some quotes from my notes I thought anyone reading might enjoy
	* "Every addiction is a unconscious refusal to move
through our own pain.  The greater the
pain, the greater the addiction...The degree to which we attach to the things were
addicted to, are the ways were trying to solve our problems from the outside." 
	* "The fundamental thing that happened is that you
lost a connection to your essence.  So
the focus should be how to reconnect through ourselves."

	* "Accept my pain and remain vulnerable.  Accept it as it is because it is trying to
hand you the prescious gift of what hides behind sorrow."
	* “The surest way to get to Hell is to resist
going to Hell”

...and my favorite:
	* The very possibility of being human is dealing with our
difficulties honestly and courageously.  The people that are too afraid to do that go into politics. 

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This is a video of a lecture given by Dr. Gabor Mate, a famous addiction doctor from Vancouver.
He regularly participates in Ayahuasca retreats outside of Canada to help people integrate their experience. If any of you know of the Vancouver skidrow, he was the guy who worked with the worst addicts for about 12 years. He is a very strong advocate for ibo and Aya.
Very compassionate man I promise you will get a lot out of this.

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