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Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 19:08:53 CST 2014

That's awesome Leo, I was able to go from 2-4mgs of Sub to Kratom.
As soon as our goverment realizes it truly is an addiction interruptor, a
craving interruptor, and it won't kill you, they WILL outlaw it, feeding
the media full of stories comparing it to bath salts!
Scare tactic!
Kratom helped me get my life back! But I guess if you have never used it
for those reasons you can easily believe all the bad propaganda, plus it
doesn't help that they only sell it in head shops, and online.

# Calm
Do you know why they don't sell kratom at vitamin store's?  Or maybe they
do, I thought you might know.

I wish you the best Annette.

hey girl! How are you feeling? Do you still have the flu?

Lotsof Love, Val
On Jan 2, 2014 4:52 PM, "leomroz24" <leomroz24 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I stoped taking my 1-2mg of sub a day and the next day started using
> kratom it worked wounders for me. I am usually very sensitive to all
> chemicals or this case alkaloids abd also have a very fast metabolism.
> On Thursday, January 2, 2014, star ray wrote:
>> Annette, You should not start feeling the withdrawals from sub for at
>> least three days due to the long 1/2 life... I would personally wait
>> til day three, til you start feeling cruddy, to take the Kratom, if you can
>> make it that long....my son started taking SAO's immediately after jumping
>> off 2 mg sub with no adverse affects but he was 25, age can be a
>> factor....do you have any valium??  that would also help during your worst
>> days of withdrawal from sub but whatever you do don't take it for an
>> extended time.... clonidine also may help the withdrawals and absolutely
>> Neurontin (gabapentin, generic name) but you gotta be careful about mixing
>> these things together but if you had it all on hand you could see what
>> worked best for you.  I think junk boy took Neurontin (gabapentin, generic
>> name)  for some type of withdrawal (was it SAO"s??) and it worked wonders
>> for him (as I recall)
>> I suppose Kratom would be fine, but it is hard on the liver.. so have a
>> back up plan or something else available in case your body rejects it...
>> and maybe it won't ... it is all such a crap shot  IMHO.
>> Good Luck to you Annette, I know you can do this
>> Sergey, I never had a problem with ibogaine from ibogaworld and they are
>> most helpful
>> Happy New Year to all!!  Star
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