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Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 06:34:19 CST 2014

Now u got my attention. I'd like to see how this works. Get back to me off
list if u r interested in me being involved in helping u.

     Peace Love and The Underground
On Dec 10, 2014 3:17 AM, "Mic Jepsen" <micj39 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm on methadone and been investigating both ibogaine and heantos. I also
> have oxycodone which I am switching over to because it is a fast acting
> opiate. I just had a physical with all labs done and would be willing to be
> a test subject for anyone wanting to study the effects of this. contact me
> if you're serious. my ultimate goal is to have the ibogaine experience as
> well as be medication free.
> On Dec 7, 2014 6:56 AM, "Sister Eboga" <sistereboga at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Star……   this help me tremendously.   I am not schooled in
>> supplements at all, never had much faith.  I am so hoping this does as it
>> claims.  It could be a affordable ave to take for many.   I sorta wish I
>> could try it first before I offer to anyone else but not being addicted
>> don’t think I would get true picture.  I hope this kid I am going to be
>> able to wittiness go through the detox dosnt have a low discomfort
>> tolerance.  I read on fb that they are also using Kratom along with it.  I
>> am not comfortable with this since Kratom is so addictive, a calcium beta
>> blocker.  I also wonder if it has similar properties as antidepressants.  I
>> hear many say they go to Kratom due to depression.  Bottom line… when we
>> want to get clean we are willing to go through some discomforts.  Not like
>> Ibogaine is comfortable though short lived compared to a Ct.  Maybe if I
>> was to treat a Methadone client, I can see using Kratom for short term
>> use.  I am hoping since what I get to wittiness, no long acting opiates are
>> involved.  This might be what the USA can use since I doubt I will ever see
>> ibogaine legal here.
>> Ive been reading about this for the last few months.  Just never knew
>> anyone who tried it.  One night when I couldn’t sleep I was on the computer
>> and saw face book had a lot about it.  Right after that I was contacted by
>> a young addict.  We talked on the phone and I brought it up and he happen
>> to be looking into also.  I ask if he would let me wittiness it and in
>> return I would take care of him for a week at my home.  He jumped on it, I
>> jumped on the opportunity.  What I am hoping is this lowers the cost of
>> Ibogaine in the clinics.  Hard to compete with a 200 buck treatment.   Once
>> I see this and the labs that this kid agreed too, it works then this could
>> change a lot in the USA.  I just contacted the Vietnam vendor and they have
>> no issue with selling cases at a time.  Even though anyone can order
>> straight from them a lot of addicts do not have Checking account to be able
>> to transfer monies to them.  Richie is selling it which tells me there must
>> be some credence to it actually working.   After the scam with withdrawal
>> ease having methadone in it…. I tend to lean on the not trusting promising
>> of an easier detox.  If this does work….I can see my life changing also.
>> To be able to offer a safer, easier detox makes me warm all over.  If it
>> works.. I can see it selling on amazon etc.
>> Smooth Journey,
>> Sister Eboga
>> sistereboga at yahoo.com
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