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Fri Dec 5 04:02:17 CST 2014

A lot of what is being said here about Heantos sounds like what I used to
read in 03 when I first heard about Ibogaine and got on the list. And here
Richie is involved in this too. Pretty cool.

      Guess I'll have to do what I did then. Research. It will be great to
hear how it goes and especially those lab reports. Thanx Sis.

     Peace Love and The Underground
On Dec 5, 2014 4:13 AM, "Sister Eboga" <sistereboga at yahoo.com> wrote:

> best way is to have it tested.   I have order it and will have it tested
> for opiates, Kraton, etc.   I will wittiness a detox myself so I know for
> sure it really does as claimed.  I have read on Facebook some who are
> working now with a few going through a detox.  I, need to see for myself to
> believe it these days.  I feel for the withdrawl ease when it had low dose
> methadone in it.  Wont let that happen to me again.  Come to think about it
> I still have those cap in my home… guess I need to flush them once I come
> across them again.  Not sure if I trust my physical assessment to say no
> opiate are involved.  Richie says a guy in Canada has tested it.  Not come
> across any proof yet, not saying its not out there somewhere.  But…if this
> does help ease the withdrawl syndrome at the extent they say…. GLORY.
> I will be looking for signs like pin point eyes and going to drawl blood
> to check liver function at day 5 or so.  Also going to have toxicology done
> looking for Kraton/opiates once I know the doc has left the system.  The
> kid who agreed to let me observe him agreed to lab work too.  I hear ya on
> too good to be true but Ibogaine sounded to good to be true and I now am
> over 5 yrs clean using this tool..  to add another to offer can’t hurt.
> Smooth Journey,
> Sister Eboga
> sistereboga at yahoo.com
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