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Sister Eboga sistereboga at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 03:11:06 CST 2014

best way is to have it tested.   I have order it and will have it tested for opiates, Kraton, etc.   I will wittiness a detox myself so I know for sure it really does as claimed.  I have read on Facebook some who are working now with a few going through a detox.  I, need to see for myself to believe it these days.  I feel for the withdrawl ease when it had low dose methadone in it.  Wont let that happen to me again.  Come to think about it I still have those cap in my home… guess I need to flush them once I come across them again.  Not sure if I trust my physical assessment to say no opiate are involved.  Richie says a guy in Canada has tested it.  Not come across any proof yet, not saying its not out there somewhere.  But…if this  does help ease the withdrawl syndrome at the extent they say…. GLORY.

I will be looking for signs like pin point eyes and going to drawl blood to check liver function at day 5 or so.  Also going to have toxicology done looking for Kraton/opiates once I know the doc has left the system.  The kid who agreed to let me observe him agreed to lab work too.  I hear ya on too good to be true but Ibogaine sounded to good to be true and I now am over 5 yrs clean using this tool..  to add another to offer can’t hurt.
Smooth Journey,
Sister Eboga
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