[Ibogaine] I do not believe this is true

rbhevo rbhevo at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 03:58:39 CDT 2014

If I remember correctly, test dose was 4 mg followed by another 25mg about an 1 1/2 later.  Was told that was sufficient for my weight of 190lbs.  
While I did have wild dreams, I only remember one which felt like I was in a Japanese anime movie - not scary, but very wild.
I did not experience any interpersonal visions or any other psychic change as many report, which was very disappointing.
Yeah, I slept a lot and hardly ate the first week.  The fog was so thick that I really don't remember that week.
No long term change in eating habits, but I only made it 9 days before I started using again.
One thing that was significant for me was that I did not have any Restless Leg Syndrome issues after treatment.  That's significant because I had a mild case of RLS before I started taking opiates, but I got relief from the opiates.  During my cold turkey, I developed a severe case of RLS.  So severe that I had to see a Neurologist who precribed meds, which I still have to take.
I have been thinking about doing another treatment to see if it will help my RLS and give me the phychic change I was hoping for the first time.
One day at a time,
RussJim Hadey3 <jimhadey3 at gmail.com> wrote:@rehevo,

How much did you take, did it change your eating habits,
did you go without sleep for about a week and eating 
almost nothing??  It would be interesting to know the dose
as to help someone else.  How long did ya stay in bed for.


  - JIM

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 11:00 PM, rbhevo <rbhevo at yahoo.com> wrote:
I was taking 500-700mg of Oxy a day plus I had a 25mg Fentynal patch.  The Fentynal patch and 500mg was PRESCRIBED!!!! The additional mg I would get of the street.  I needed at least 500mg a day of the Oxy and the patch just to function.
After my treatment I was in a fog for over week.  I could barely function during that time much less enjoy a walk on the beach.  And I did not lose any weight - not even a pound.  I wish I did!
While I was not able to stay clean after my treatment, it did show me it was possible.  Five months later I did a cold turkey and have been clean for a 18 months with minimal cravings.
I attend recovery meetings everyday as it helps keep me grounded.
This story seems a bit out there to me, but never say never.  If true, good for them, but that was not my experience.
One day at a time,

Jim Hadey3 <jimhadey3 at gmail.com> wrote:
Let's be fair.  Did anyone else take approximately a similar 
dose of methadone or opiates.  If your a former patient 
please tell us your story.

  - JIM

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 1:15 PM, leomroz24 <leomroz24 at gmail.com> wrote:
This does seem a little to far out...although I did know a large gentleman who was taking 30-40 methadone 10's and also 7-10 xanax barrz along with that, so....maybe. He also lost an increadible amount of weight but he did traditional rehab which I think is a scam

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 9:52 PM, Valarie <val.needis at gmail.com> wrote:
No way!

How Matt got off a high dosage of methadone with …: http://youtu.be/ma_rfgIWUCM

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