[Ibogaine] I do not believe this is true, because david dardashti lies a lot? ; -)

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Thu Aug 28 01:58:54 CDT 2014

Wow that's every crazy claim ever made for ibogaine in one youtube vid? He lost 50lbs in a few days because ibo does weight loss then the other guy got off 400MG of methadone and a lot of oxy's. David Dardashti is I think #1 for shady ibogaine clinic snake oil. He posts very crazy claims for ibogaine all over the place, it's not even hoping what he's saying is true, it's that he's lying.
It's hard to know what to believe about ibogaine treatment providers but this person's rant comes with pic of a newspaper with Dardashti looking like he's being arrested in front of a boarded up house with a gate. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/iboscam

Some of his many ads

cures acne https://twitter.com/IbogaineDavidD/status/501800543983910913
reverses aging https://twitter.com/IbogaineDavidD/status/501751180339339264

There's too much to pick from every other msg is nuts.

David Dardashti

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 Subject: [Ibogaine] I do not believe this is true
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 Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014, 2:52 AM
 No way!
 How Matt got off a high dosage of methadone
 with …: http://youtu.be/ma_rfgIWUCM
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