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Chris Jenks chris at jenks.us
Tue Aug 26 17:02:21 CDT 2014

   The 2014 GITA conference presentations are archived at 
http://ibogainealliance.org/durban-2014/schedule but you have to register 
to see them. It looks like there is no video for my presentation. I plan 
to post my slides soon and I should have an audio recording of my 
presentation to post.

   The abstract for my presentation (and Ben's) was:

Ben De Loenen & Chris Jenks
Ibogaine Data Analysis Results

Due to the increased popularity of ibogaine and iboga extracts, more and 
more vendors offer root bark, iboga extracts and ibogaine hydrochloride 
through the Internet. Both the origin of these materials and chemical 
processing conditions, such as product purity and their possible 
contaminants are often unknown, which may cause additional risk in the use 
of these materials.

ICEERS initiated a scientific and risk reduction initiative in 
collaboration with the biomedical research center IMIM and Energy Control 
(ABD), both based in Barcelona, for which we collected 23 samples of iboga 
materials, and analyzed them both qualitatively, determining the alcaloid 
content, and quantitatively, determining the exact quantities of ibogaine, 
ibogamine and voacangine. We found large differences in potency of the 
samples, sometimes different batches of the same provider and analyzed a 
few false iboga root bark and contaminated samples. This presentation will 
discuss the results.

On Mon, 25 Aug 2014, Jeff G wrote:

> Hey Chris
> First thank you for your continuing efforts.
> Is that GITA conference presentation online anywhere?
> Peace
> JeffG
> On Aug 25, 2014 1:03 PM, "Chris Jenks" <chris at jenks.us> wrote:
>       On Thu, 21 Aug 2014, Donna Cacciola wrote:
>             I wish the Ibogains Dijest would focus more on healing and treatment. Disapointed to read bickering and arguing on this list.
>       I'm just glad to see anything coming through on this ancient list, after being completely dead between July 30 and August 16th.
>       After all, there are a few things left I might like to post. For example, my work on sustainably produced ibogaine (from Voacanga africana bark) in South Africa this last year
>       seems to be bearing fruit, as I reported at the latest GITA conference. It can now be purchased by contacting acidgaine at gmail.com. I do not receive any profit from the sales.
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