[Ibogaine] iboga

Chris Jenks chris at jenks.us
Mon Aug 25 14:20:57 CDT 2014

On Thu, 21 Aug 2014, Donna Cacciola wrote:

> I wish the Ibogains Dijest would focus more on healing and treatment. Disapointed to read bickering and arguing on this list.

I'm just glad to see anything coming through on this ancient list, after 
being completely dead between July 30 and August 16th.

After all, there are a few things left I might like to post. For example, 
my work on sustainably produced ibogaine (from Voacanga africana bark) in 
South Africa this last year seems to be bearing fruit, as I reported at 
the latest GITA conference. It can now be purchased by contacting 
acidgaine at gmail.com. I do not receive any profit from the sales.

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