[Ibogaine] hcl sniffable?

Donny Drake donnydrake18 at yahoo.co.uk
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You seem very naive..Your talking about something you have no clue about as of yet, your only repeating what few other people have said, point am making is you shouldd talk when your experienced in something, you should take from experience and not by guess work or from some other peoples eperience, otherwise it seems your just looking for attention, get a grip already man...First make sure you get through the Ibogaie treatment alright, hope there are not complications, no death, no damage and no hospital trips, then hope your pshycall ok at least and hope your also at least mentally ok, then you can tell your experience, the proper American civlized way- "do first and talk later"...Some will also say your putting too faith into this and relying on this too muh, you have no clue how it will work for you, how you will feel, whether your expereience will be good or bad, or if it will expose any traumas in your chold hoob because not everybody has wonderful
 experience, for sme it can phyclogically  scar them, so please be object abot htisand stop making t look you know it al..You also seem to not have much knowlege eod FDA laws and how pharmacuticals work, your only going by what others have said and copying tem....

Am not saying your not intelligent or anything but no mater what the ossue is you should talk from experience, dont make it look you now it all when you dont, it can show arrogance and kind of insecurity...I  dont know your age but I do know that many women who were on drug and quit before rhe age of 25,27 28, are settled down, married, got children, a respectable career./job, got money int he bank, got enough to go on vacations regularly, and I admit I never seen my women over 25 on  opiates or subs or meth..My doctor says that women who are half intelligent, eeducated, attractive and white tend to not be on drugs or tend to get clean, without any treatment, she was trying to say a lot depends on personality levels, your outlook in life, and how far educate you are. She also said women whi have high sef estrem, are , tallish thin and attractive wth hadsome eduated husbands have better sexlife and ths keeps rhem away from drugs or sadness...Yes I agree
 many Hispanic women tend to be on dope & long acting meds more then WASP/white/cacausian women, but I dont think its onyl down to Hispanicss being more insecure and inferior and uneducated, it also has a lot to do with choice...An American girl said your not reallly an American if you are not white or not fair light skinned blondish or white brunette, and she is very intelilgent nd wors as a Lawyer, but it doesnt mean shes right 100%, again the point am making is you are meant to research for yourself whatever ot is, dont go by othe rpeople or their views, dont jump the gun...Be prepared for any outcome, by being too unrealistic can show dopiness and naivety, these trais only make people fail in life..

It wont be legal just like that because it has anddoes cause deaths, does rule out many people becaquse o mental health issues and other illnesses, and has hallucugenic proprties, perhaps if they tok the hallugenic aspect out and was medically safe for everybody then you never know...

There is also no guarantee it help the way u want, for some people it can take some withdrawals away and fro others only minor withdrawals away..You still have todeal with some depression, sleep issues andlethargy, there was someone whi stillf elt lethargic 9 months after 2 Iboga flood dosses to get off subutex, so there are many variables here...The younger you are the more advantage, Iknow its much harder on women over 24, worse if they are in their 30s, this is why u need to stay in shape, eat right, enhance ur personality levels, not cry like a baby over tny small issues but face them head on...Sub issticky and ca stay in receptors for 6 monthsto some people or shall Osay feel the effects for that long, so u gotta be prepared for PAWS...For some espeacilly guys under 28 and 25 can get off quite easy..Recovery is shortned with excercise, vigerous excericise, a good decent well paid job and high self-esteem..

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Is this person serious?  I haven't done My treatment yet. But I have a lot of respect for this plant. Sniffing just seems like your using it like it was any other drug. Ibogaine deserves respect.  I am sorry if this comes off rude, that is not my intention. I believe addiction is a crippling disease, Ibogaine can help us if we are serious about getting and remaining clean,  if we just take it with no real feeling of wanting to change our lives, just so we can continue to have a low tolerance and get fucked up   (I am not saying your doing this) but it discredits everything Howard faught his whole life for. I would like to think that maybe one day it will be legal in the states. I know mot would agree that will never happen., but I don't believe in the word "NEVER"  If we all rise above, and take a stand maybe its not so far fetched after all.  Lotsof Love, Val

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