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Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 22:08:15 CDT 2013

Star, Move to Portland, Oregon with me!
I am doing the same thing , I feel the best bet is for me to get out of
California and go somewhere else.
As well as extensive therapy, I need to completely change my life.
At first we were just going to take a vacation there after my treatment, so
I have time to think about everything, but then we decided why not move
My bf works from home So no problem with him trying to find a job, his
partners aren't even in California. Plus for what we are paying for our 2
bedroom apartment we can have a 3 bedroom house!
I have been to Portland before and it is beautiful. I don't want to come
back from treatment and continue to just lay in bed all day. I need to
completely change my life.
I love the wilderness and animals. Plus I am going to get a dog when we
move.  No dogs are allowed where we live:(
I am excited for myself, and I am excited for you!
Love ya, Val
Lotsof Love, Val
On Sep 30, 2013 7:52 PM, "star ray" <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:

> thanks Sergie
> OK, this looks interesting.
> .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_(2010_American_documentary_film)
> It's funny because I am thinking of getting rid of all my "stuff" my house
> and all.... I gotta make a big change.  My dear ex-husband is going to pay
> for my therapy so I can get out of the "box" I am in, how nice is that??
> Val, you are good girl,  you are a real person, kind, thoughtful, caring
> and trying to get straight.  Just ignore anything anyone says on here that
> is kind of rude,  just skip right over it, don't worry about it at all....
> Love you all guys,
> Star
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