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Just a thought:


Junkies are generally people who are sensitive, intelligent (IQ of heroin
addicts tends to be substantially higher then average, studies show), very
resourceful (go find 500$ a day...), with a heightened sense of justice (or
Injustice to be precise).

The usual rat-race,- who has the biggest house, job, car, credit,
bling-bling, $...,- is easier to accept if you understand it as a TEMPORARY
insanity, a sickness society is going through, or a necessary step to
another level.

"I AM", a documentary made by Tom Shadyac, one of Hollywood's most
successful producers, has inspired me in a very good way.
Despite having made the so coveted "American Dream", he left it all and
changed in a 360 degrees turn-around of his life and perspective.
I find his story to have a lot of similarities with a Substance-abuser.
I recommend it to anyone who is QUESTIONING THE WORLD AND IT'S WAYS


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