[Ibogaine] Homeostasis

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 19:07:11 CDT 2013

I am following Eric's instructions and I am  waiting 3 months off Subutex.
Plus I have to save money. So whatever.... I'm doing what's best for me. I
don't know if you meant to sound rude, but it came off that way to me.
Love, Val
On Sep 29, 2013 2:34 PM, "Jordon Maceachern" <jordonmac691 at msn.com> wrote:

> **
>  why don’t you stop talking and just do the ibo.. the drama is killing
> me...I think you are putting way to much confidence in ibo.. after you do
> it you will realize it is just a small part of the huge amount of work that
> must be done as part of long term recovery..
> words words words
> stop talking about it and just do it already..
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> *Subject:* [Ibogaine] Homeostasis
> Will the body and brain ever get back to the point of homeostasis after a
> decade of drug use?
> Since I have decided I was going to do ibogaine I have already changed
> certain things in my life I never would have before, I feel like I am
> already starting to heal in a spiritual way.
> Now I would like my body to follow along once I do my treatment, I am
> really starting to wonder how I'm going to feel after treatment.
> Am I going to freak out because I don't even remember what it feels like
> to have no types of opiots in my body?
> I would like to think my body and mind will be so greatful I did this for
> myself.
> And I can finally have a real life, maybe even start a family.
> How long am I going to feel like crap after my treatment? I'm sure it
> depends on my after care , I feel like I have a pretty good plan.
> Lotsof  Love, Val
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