[Ibogaine] Krockodil

Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 19:03:32 CDT 2013

Matt said
>> As with the majority of the most severe consequences that drug addicts
face, krokodil is a direct result of drug prohibition.>>

So sadly true...and the drug war  proponents know it. There is no empathy
in those fuckers, only the desire for control...

There is/ was a heart breaking documentary on the krokodile horror show on
the ? (Can't remember the name of Al gores network).I think it is on you
tube if you have the heart and stomach for it.
It is a tough one to watch tho be forewarned..

I too have pushed that plunger knowing it could be a big time mistake, but
usually after a half hour of poking around looking for a vein..oh the
bloody fun.
I need to remember those moments....
Still hanging tough, but it has been rough this last week.
Thanks everyone....
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