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HI Val

I don't know the answers to all of those questions.  I knew about 
krokodil because drug use in general is a topic that is very much of 
interest to me on pretty much every level, so I read a lot about every 
aspect of it.  There is another thing I read about where people are 
shooting up buproprion (aka wellbutrin, aka zyban) because it has a sort 
of stimulant effect.  I actually did notice the same and used to take 
like 4 at a time once in a while for the buzz, although thank God I 
never injected it.  Apparently the filler material causes tissue to 
dissolve.  I read that a few people who had hit unlucky arteries had 
wound up having massive neural tissue disintegrate within hours of 
injecting it causing paralysis and then death.  Other people have had 
less severe although still serious tissue damage.

But I do know why they do it, because they can't not do it.  If you can 
make desomorphine which is purported to be 8 to 10 times stronger than 
morphine from codeine, then it totally seems like something a drug 
addict who had access to codeine but not heroin or morphine would be 
interested in doing.  I remember doing drug cocktails or large 
injections where I wasn't sure if it was going to kill me or not, and 
then just doing it anyway.  If people could control their behavior 
around it then it wouldn't really be addiction.

I remember when I found out about those bum fights tapes that some 
asshat had made where he bribed homeless addicts with alcohol and crack 
to do horrible and humiliating shit so he could tape it.  It made me 
really upset because I knew I could easily have been one of those poor 
bastards under similar circumstances.  Every line I said I would never 
cross wound up getting crossed when it became a choice between crossing 
it or not getting dope.  Some lines were thankfully never crossed but 
only because the opportunity to get dope from crossing them never arose.

As with the majority of the most severe consequences that drug addicts 
face, krokodil is a direct result of drug prohibition.


On 9/28/2013 5:09 PM, Valarie wrote:
> Matt, it seems you knew about this before the media did (I read what u 
> wrote in the archives) I was wondering why anyone would take this? Is 
> herion hard to get in Russia? I read that this drug was originally 
> made in the U.S, is that true? Do the people who are using Krockodil 
> have any idea what this is going to do to them? Does it happen to 
> everyone who uses Krockodil? Or are people just hopeing it won't 
> happen to them. If they stop using is there a cure for the bacteria to 
> stop eating there skin? Sorry that is a lot of questions but this drug 
> truely baffels me
> Lotsof Love, Val
> On Sep 28, 2013 11:50 AM, "Valarie" <val.needis at gmail.com 
> <mailto:val.needis at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Have you seen pictures of these people? It's so sad. And I thought
>     what I have been through was painful.
>     I wish the best for these people, but what I don't understand
>     instead of mixing all of this crap with morphine. Why don't they
>     just do the morphine?
>     Maybe it's just a small amount of morphine and codeine in it?
>     I wish I could do something for these people.
>     Lotsof Love, Val
>     On Sep 28, 2013 11:23 AM, "Vector Vector"
>     <vector620022002 at yahoo.com <mailto:vector620022002 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>         There have been a lot of threads about Krokodil on the list
>         since 2010 I think, you can tell google to search the mindvox
>         archives and it finds everything. Here's the first hit which
>         is a thread from 2011
>         http://www.mindvox.com/pipermail/ibogaine/2011-June/thread.html#start
>         http://www.mindvox.com/pipermail/ibogaine/2011-June/051273.html
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>         Is that the heroin they have in Russia that gives ya snake
>         like skin?  Do you have a link?
>           - JIM
>         On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 3:00 AM, Valarie <val.needis at gmail.com
>         <mailto:val.needis at gmail.com>> wrote:
>             I just saw a short clip online of the effects of Krockdil.
>             It eats your flesh! and people are still doing it!
>             Addiction is a disease Not a choice.How can anybody argue
>             addiction is a choice after seeing this!
>             I feel horrible for these people.
>             Val
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