[Ibogaine] Iboga and Voacanga Seed Samples Sought

Chris Jenks chris at jenks.us
Sun Sep 29 09:41:03 CDT 2013

   Dear Friends,

   My wife Dana and I have gone to great pains to dedicate the next year, 
starting as of two weeks ago, to increasing the supply of ibogaine and 
investigating similar alkaloids and other plant sources for those 
alkaloids, for the purpose of providing anyone seeking addiction treatment 
with the best possible treatment. While I isolate these alkaloids, the 
weather in Durban is mild enough that it may be possible to grow Voacanga 
species, and perhaps even iboga, to maturity. As far as I know it has not 
been tested whether iboga will thrive in a climate which is humid but 
sometimes cool, though never freezing, and I would like to provide this 
information for the benefit of anyone in a similar climate. I would also 
like to see what variation there is in the alkaloid profile of plants from 
different seed batches and, if the plants bear fruit, to offer seeds from 
the more promising plants - a selection process which also has not been 
done as far as I know.

   So if anyone has leads on where I could request or purchase viable seeds 
of Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana or Voacanga thouarsii, please let 
me know. I'm not talking about a large number of seeds, as the limiting 
factor here isn't the size of the yard at this treatment center but the 
time I can commit to taking proper care of the plants. I really want to 
get started ASAP with the spring rains coming. I'm sorry for not being 
more active on the forums, list and facebook, but I promise I haven't 
forgotten you.



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