[Ibogaine] group investing to legalize ibogaine in usa

Chris Jenks chris at jenks.us
Sun Sep 29 09:19:15 CDT 2013

   Dear Star and friends,

   There are two ways to go about it. The expensive way is to directly try 
to persuade the US government that they want to stop fighting the war on 
drugs and would instead like their former enemies to live happily ever 
after. The alternative route that I'm taking is to try to make ibogaine as 
available worldwide as possible, especially to the majority of people who 
can't afford even the current wholesale price of ibogaine, like most of 
those in india, pakistan, afghanistan, much of asia, etc. What I'm hoping 
will happen is the same thing that happened when the Wright brothers tried 
to sell their airplane to the French government after being dismissed by 
the US government.

   I would be happy to help connect people wanting to finance ibogaine 
supply with those trying to icrease the supply of real-time treatment, 
where I can. There is a conference coming together in May in Durban which 
would also afford many investment opportunities for someone willing to 



On Sat, 28 Sep 2013, star ray wrote:

> OK, I have a friend whose husband has tons of money and I told her about ibogaine some time ago and she had her son treated (apparently,
> waiting to hear a confirmation on that)  Anyway there is some investment group trying to raise money for this and her husband is
> involved.... now this is a person that really takes action... I will find out more tomorrow night when i talk to her husband.  Pretty
> exciting...................
> Star

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