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Fri Sep 27 14:50:20 CDT 2013

That is a really good link about benzo's. I would sudjest it for anyone on
here that is currently on, or just want to learn more about benzodiazapams.
I wish I would have read this before I ever took a benzo. It has one of the
SAFEST taper methods, I printed it up and took it to my doctor.
thanks, Jim
Lotsof Love, val
On Sep 27, 2013 5:56 AM, "Jim Hadey3" <jimhadey3 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Star,
> I forgot to send you a link, this is the best I have read about benzo
> detox.
> www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzcha02.htm
> Best,
>   - JIM
> On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 7:41 AM, Jim Hadey3 <jimhadey3 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Star,
>> It's funny, I have been taking Resterol (Temasapam) for years, a benzo
>> used to sleep at night.  They were great but sometimes it took two pills or
>> 1.5 and I never got hooked on them.  I mentioned this and a person said go
>> 5 days without them and you will know.  So I went about a week or ten days
>> with no problem but that does not mean others will not become addicted.
>> This is just me but if a Dr gives me a drug I am going to ask - Is it
>> addictive or does it have a discontinuation syndrome or is it better to
>> taper off?  To me that is just as important as why I am taking the pill in
>> the first place.
>> From all the stories I have read a Dr never tells a patient that
>> antidepressants have a rough w/d and we all know about sub.  I look up
>> every pill a Dr gives me, I like my Drs but I like to double check too,
>> many times the depression will lift on it's own, it may take a few months -
>> why does this happen - no idea and neither does the Dr.  But the SSRI/NIs
>> made it much worse.  Like the ad on the TV says if your depression gets
>> worse and you may feel like suicide so they should be monitored.  What does
>> that mean??  Is someone from the Dr office going to call you once a day and
>> see if your sane or going to end it all?  The first thing that goes is your
>> reasoning, much like the drunk guy who says it's ok I can drive just point
>> me to my car.  Everyone knows he should not be driving but him.
>> Best to all,
>>   - JIM
>> On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 9:04 PM, star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com>wrote:
>>> Jim, thanks for your input my friend.. you are right ... those boosters
>>> seemed to make me feel like crap, I think I am crossing out that
>>> idea..........I am just going to try to jump off on NOV. 20th when I don't
>>> have other responsibilites.  Wonder why boosters make you more depressed if
>>> you are in a bad mood, but i noticed that... A flood is easier although
>>> that still is NO FUN but the benefits afterwards are amazing!!
>>> Val .. love ya too and thanks for you input          AND
>>> Randy,  thank you my friend!! your the best!!
>>> Well I just got this new book called "Worse than heroin" and it talks
>>> about Benzo's and how they are much harder to get off of than Heroin (duh,
>>> thus the title of the book)  Now I realize what was causing my mother's
>>> major problems in her life, as she was always changing meds and getting off
>>> of them.  I have to beat myself up for not researching more myself before I
>>> started taking the valium to sleep  (silly girl)  Well I am only 3 months
>>> off valium (on only small amount)  feeling better but still not right... my
>>> doctor is aware of my whole situation and is very supportive, they warned
>>> me it would be hard... considering I was suicidal with so many other w/d
>>> symtoms I have to admit I am much better, I am still "flashing some" and
>>> sleep can be a pain but OH WELL, ibogaine helps my sleep so much, can't
>>> wait (in a way, unless I decide to just tough it out)  OK, I am done
>>> rambling.... Val... I would just hook your friend up with material to
>>> research and let her decide what to do, giving advice can backfire but you
>>> can always say  "well, this is what I would do"
>>> OK Walter, I cannot answer your question but I am sure someone here can!!
>>> peace and rest to all, STAR
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