[Ibogaine] Pregnancy and Subutex

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
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Thanks Jennifer, I would really appreciate that and I can forward her any
information you find. This is her 3rd pregnancy, she got addicted to pain
killers after her first child was born. She told me she feels a lot more
tired and sick then her last 2 pregnancy's but that might be because she is
extreamly depressed. I told her there is no reason to beat herself up. I
can't judge someone who's shoes I have never walked in .Thanks for your
Lotsof Love,Val
There is newer research on Sub in pregnancy, when I get to my computer I'll
get some stuff to forward. A lot depends on her life situation and the
birth she wants, plans to breastfeed, etc. If on methadone or sub they will
often keep baby up to five days in hospital nursery for observation and/or
treatment. She can breastfeed on methadone, and probably sub too tho I'd
have to double check. It would help baby taper I get the small amount in
her milk. Generally, kicking during pregnancy is not advised, due to risk
of miscarriage, but one case has been well documented on this list with a
good outcome.

Studies to follow.

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On Sep 24, 2013, at 5:21 PM, Valarie <val.needis at gmail.com> wrote:

My friend is 9 weeks pregnant and on 16mgs of Subutex. The doctor asked her
if she wanted to switch to Methadone and she said No. She wants to know my
oppinion but I have never even been pregnant. She says she is goimg to
taper as much as she can on the Subutex, but from what I have learned it
really doesn't seem to matter what sub dose your on. I was thinking
methadone might be better because it's been around longer. But I don't know.
Don't judge, I just need advice and I figured this is one of the best
places to get it. You have already helped me so much.
Lotsof Love, Val

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