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Jim Hadey3 jimhadey3 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 20:19:08 CDT 2013

Hi Star,

You gave us some good info, oh man did I get the heaves on 18.3 or 1.5gm.
 I almost went to the hospital but called a bud and she said quit drinking
water for 24 hours and it worked - thank God.

I once took something like a mini dose, less than a 1 grammer, and was sick
as hell.  But I took it while in a very bad mood.  Never take it when your
in a bad mood.  But anyway I have heard if you take too small of a dose you
go through a w/d and sickness, just from what I heard.

I have tapered two or three times in my life.  You got to get very low and
it seemed that catapress may of helped for it got me feeling week and I was
driving to FL.  Imodium or better yet if you can get Lomotil it can help
somewhat.  It seems sometime I can not cut down a speak and other times I
can and had very little pain and suffering.  Oh I hope I never have to go
through w/d again.


  - JIM

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:34 PM, star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I have done ibogaine a few times and the ONLY time I had no nausea was
> when I took it with Benadryl,  it was a miracle.  It blocks some receptors
> in the stomach, that is as much as I know.  I was at the peak of the
> experience and i was like "WOW, no nausea at all" Sorry to be disgusting
> but I always have trouble with my bowels,  passed some parasites... it
> kills them, it is amazing, amazing stuff for healing the body. IN ADDITION
> my liver enzymes have been normal since my last treatment 2 1/2 years ago
> and my viral load (I have hep c) has remained low,  So i was mostly
> treating for my liver in the past.  I never had a heavy duty addiction
> problem, to some it might not seem to be a problem, to me it did .. oh
> whatever!! :)  I screwed up bottom line, due to body pain.
> Yes Val, I have 40 vicoprohen, hopefully that will do it,  and I have some
> ultram so I can switch over, I have the date set to stop sub.. 11-20,
> although that could change as I also have a right to change my mind
> .....hahahah......I may do some TA boosters instead,  I am still
> contemplating it... UGH, I hate boosters..........who knows maybe i can
> keep tapering down to nothing before then, that is my plan.  I would like
> to only take a 1/2 dose of HCL and maybe some boosters after.  With the
> small amount that i am on, which may be smaller (.25 mg presently)  by the
> time I get off. I think this might work, any comments would be appreciated.
> Most people jump off at 1 mg,  ALL i can say is NEVER AGAIN
> peace to all STAR
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