[Ibogaine] Difference between Subutex and Methadone

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 01:51:40 CDT 2013

I tried to send a post about 8 hours ago, but it hasn't posted,  So forgive
me if you see this subject twice. I have recived the best advice from my
friends here so I was hoping I could get some opinions among friends. My
friend is 9 weeks pregnant and is on 16mgs of Subutex. Her doctor asked if
she wanted to go on Methadone and she asked my oppinion.  In my oppinion
atleast Methadone has been around longer then Subutex,.  She got pregnant
before and her doctor just took her off Suboxone and told her to beat it,
so she started taking SAOs, But at the end went on 2mgs of sububex. The
baby was healthy and did not have to go through withdrawal and she got to
bring the baby home that night. But just because you got lucky once does
not mean everything will be ok this time. Please I don't need any
judgemental comments, as many of u know I am doing Ibogaine for many
reasons one of those being that I want to start a family. But I can't judge
her she is heart broken, and its to late for all the why weren't you on
birth control and all those questions.  I have seen women pregnant at the
methadone Clinic who actually planned on having a baby on Methadone.  Once
again I am not going to judge. I would just like to know what you guys
think. Thanks for yoir help, I deeply respect your oppinion.
Lotsof Love, Val
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