[Ibogaine] Dan and 300mg dose

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 11:05:51 CDT 2013

Ugh... Throwing up is one thing I'm not looking forward too. Before Sub I
was never a barfer when it came to detox, just every other hellish part.
Whenever I have detoxed or jusr went down on the Sub I got a bonus of  non
stop barfing and absolutely horrible migraines. Star is there any way you
can transfer to a SAO for a few weeks? Then you can still keep all your
commitments and have a few weeks off Sub  before the Ibogaine.
Lotsof  Love, Val
On Sep 24, 2013 8:50 AM, "Randy Faulconer" <bicuitboy714 at gmail.com> wrote:

> star, howard lotsoff told us that diphenhydramine (benedryl) was safe
> to use with Ibogaine and i trust everything he ever said on the
> subject of ibo. we had a guy who had a pretty bad cold so i called him
> for advice on it.
>     that turned out to be one of the most amazing treatments i ever
> provided for. that guy was up walking around coney island  eating
> taco's 18 hours after the flood talking about how pretty everything
> was.
>      of course that was after  he threw up his chocolate milk and i
> sliped and fell in it. something about chocolate and ibo doesn't sit
> well in the stomach.
>     peace love and barf bags
>          randy
>       biscuitboy blues
> On 9/22/13, star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Well Dan,  I know that Benadryl blocks nausea as it does something to the
> > stomach receptors, it works very well for nausea and completely
> eliminated
> > for me.
> > Does anyone know if that might also help for stomach pain,  I am
> thinking it
> > might.  According to several ibogaine providers it is perfectly OK to
> take
> > Benadryl with Ibogaine right when you take the dose.....
> >
> > Good luck,  Star
> >
> >
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