[Ibogaine] hcl sniffable?

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 18:03:07 CDT 2013

Is this person serious?  I haven't done My treatment yet. But I have a lot
of respect for this plant. Sniffing just seems like your using it like it
was any other drug. Ibogaine deserves respect.  I am sorry if this comes
off rude, that is not my intention. I believe addiction is a crippling
disease, Ibogaine can help us if we are serious about getting and remaining
clean,  if we just take it with no real feeling of wanting to change our
lives, just so we can continue to have a low tolerance and get fucked up
(I am not saying your doing this) but it discredits everything Howard
faught his whole life for. I would like to think that maybe one day it will
be legal in the states. I know mot would agree that will never happen., but
I don't believe in the word "NEVER"  If we all rise above, and take a stand
maybe its not so far fetched after all.  Lotsof Love, Val
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