[Ibogaine] Dan and 300mg dose

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 10:22:56 CDT 2013

star, howard lotsoff told us that diphenhydramine (benedryl) was safe
to use with Ibogaine and i trust everything he ever said on the
subject of ibo. we had a guy who had a pretty bad cold so i called him
for advice on it.
    that turned out to be one of the most amazing treatments i ever
provided for. that guy was up walking around coney island  eating
taco's 18 hours after the flood talking about how pretty everything
     of course that was after  he threw up his chocolate milk and i
sliped and fell in it. something about chocolate and ibo doesn't sit
well in the stomach.

    peace love and barf bags
      biscuitboy blues

On 9/22/13, star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Well Dan,  I know that Benadryl blocks nausea as it does something to the
> stomach receptors, it works very well for nausea and completely eliminated
> for me.
> Does anyone know if that might also help for stomach pain,  I am thinking it
> might.  According to several ibogaine providers it is perfectly OK to take
> Benadryl with Ibogaine right when you take the dose.....
> Good luck,  Star

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