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The ibogaine list is totally open, it tells you that many times when you're signing in. The name that shows up is what name you tell your email to put in there, there's only your email address and whatever your mailer puts into the 'name' field. 
Facebook doesn't let google or anybody else crawl them, they're warring for ad revenue, so you have to be signed into facebook to find anything, fb groups show up nowhere except for inside facebook, but the privacy of 'private' groups changes a lot, so it really means only you, the NSA, FBI, DEA, whoever has admin status in that group, whoever has admin status on facebook in general (10,000 employees), and whatever the 'privacy' settings changed to with their latest update and reorg ;-) 

If you want private, don't put it on the internet :-)
Seriously. There is no privacy on the internet. If you write damaging things using your real name, no matter how private you think it is, it won't be.

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Hey Val,  I had my real name also at the beginning, then later i googled myself and saw a conversation come up... Oh crud, I freaked out so that is why I am now Star...........
Now I have another question  for you guys... what about closed groups on facebook, no one can see that group from your profile right??  I know if they go to some closed groups you are on they may see your name, I am not going to worry about that.... I feel like I live a double life..............arggghhhh
OK, on to more disturbing stuff, I am now 11 weeks off valium cold turkey, I was taking 2.5 to 5 mg daily for two weeks,  getting better but still don't feel like myself,  probably or maybe because I have tapered own to about .10 to .15 mg sub daily,  I want to just get off of it completely but my friends will kill me cause the tennis season is hot and heavy an I know I will be tired and not able to play.... isn't that stupid, neglecting my health and emotions for tennis.  I know I am not taking much but I still feel like I have lost my sense of joy........I have about 25 vicoprophen and 900 mg hcl............I suppose I will wait to first of December and just stop and do a flood a couple weeks later..............arggghhh, maybe I won't do a flood and with the limited amount I am on I won't have much withdrawal... and right at Christmas..............oh what a tangled web we weave when we touch any DRUG at all........any suggestions would be greatly
Peace to all, STAR (hopefully shining soon)

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