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Lol.   Yeah, I learned the hard way myself.  Came on here 4 yrs ago with real name, occupation, addiction, in a desperate state of mind.  A loving soul on the list let me know by sending me a full description of my house from the outside.  He googled my house!   Lol.  Once you put anything on net you loose true privacy.   Now that I seldom work in hospital I don't care.  I plan on coming out of closet about my addiction once I know I don't need my nursing license any longer.  Until then... I will stay as underground as possible about my history of addiction.
Try not to add to your stress now about it, can't change it so why worry about it now.

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> I found it disturbing that all you have to do is google one of our names and it will show an entire discussion we had on mindvox.
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