[Ibogaine] As soon as I partake in more than an android device..

Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 14:29:25 CDT 2013

I am filling a lot better today and you are right Jeff. I told my bf that I
am so sorry about last night and this morning he had no hard feelings, in
fact right now I can hear him wrapping my birthday presents :). I am a
little embarassed for going on such a rant on here but it is what it is,
and I never feel judged by any of you anyways. Tonight we are going to go
out to the karioki bar, I can't sing but I don't mind making a fool out of
myself lol. The song that my bf and I are going to sing togeather is
"Stop dragging my heart around" by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. Then I love
to sing Beast of Burden and pretend I'm Mick Jagger its absolutly
hallarious! Lol
Jim, I haven't been taking the blood pressure pills because as of lately, I
have had some SAOs so I don't really need them, although they do help, but
I heard if you take them for over 2 weeks it can cause hypertention.
Well I hope you all have a happy Friday the 13th, I know I will.
And once again thank you all for your feedback and support.
Lotsof Love, Val
On Sep 13, 2013 10:37 AM, "Jeff G" <jeffgallop at gmail.com> wrote:

> Reality check...ding ding!
> I've been thru a lot, and despite all the many wonderful people who were
> there and still are for me. I've learned a hard lesson....
> It is only you who are there at the times you need complete understanding.
> NO ONE can fully understand what you/we go thru.....with all there best
> intentions and even with there love, it is a solitary bubble we find
> ourselves in.
> Some will say head to a meeting as they will understand, but your mileage
> may vary as mine did. Could be worth the trip anyway for sure tho....
> You cannot depend on your boy friend to understand the full depths and
> infinite layers of this thing, this extraction from slavery to freedom, to
> liberty. It takes all forms and your form of freedom may not be your
> sponsers or your mother's or your boy friends.
> He seems to have put up with a lot and he's still there, so wet know he is
> special.....so maybe back off a tad, understand that for him this is
> probably mind blowing on multiple levels.
> Take what you need and leave the rest.
> And give what he needs and leave the rest....for someone else, this list,
> me, who ever..
> Even if your feeling poorly right now, it will pass....Take a nap, take a
> bath, take a listen to some grateful dead music :-)....or whatever gets you
> moving...
> Every silver lining has a touch of gray...
> JeffG
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