[Ibogaine] As soon as I partake in more than an android device..

Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 11:57:57 CDT 2013

Reality check...ding ding!

I've been thru a lot, and despite all the many wonderful people who were
there and still are for me. I've learned a hard lesson....

It is only you who are there at the times you need complete understanding.

NO ONE can fully understand what you/we go thru.....with all there best
intentions and even with there love, it is a solitary bubble we find
ourselves in.

Some will say head to a meeting as they will understand, but your mileage
may vary as mine did. Could be worth the trip anyway for sure tho....

You cannot depend on your boy friend to understand the full depths and
infinite layers of this thing, this extraction from slavery to freedom, to
liberty. It takes all forms and your form of freedom may not be your
sponsers or your mother's or your boy friends.

He seems to have put up with a lot and he's still there, so wet know he is
special.....so maybe back off a tad, understand that for him this is
probably mind blowing on multiple levels.

Take what you need and leave the rest.
And give what he needs and leave the rest....for someone else, this list,
me, who ever..

Even if your feeling poorly right now, it will pass....Take a nap, take a
bath, take a listen to some grateful dead music :-)....or whatever gets you

Every silver lining has a touch of gray...

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