[Ibogaine] To all, Thank you !

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 04:45:56 CDT 2013

sheldon, i want to make sure who u r in my head here. facts mean
nothing to me it's what is in my head that matters. haaaa
 anyway, there was a sheldon peltier here. r u him?

      peace love and mistaken identities

On 9/8/13, sheldon Rucker <iboga2differ at gmail.com> wrote:
> To all, thank you for welcoming me back.
> It feels great and I am pouring over a couple of year's worth of posts to
> see what I missed.
> I find there has been the sad loss of life,  arrests, and yes,
> controversial treatments.
> Drug policy is still in need of serious enlightenment, but seems headed in
> the wrong direction.
> ***
> As I am working towards my next ibo encounter, I am looking for ways to
> 'stay well'
> I know all to well the misery that is sub, as I spent 3 horrible years on
> it.  Never again.
> Pods....are they still available ?  In researching this possible
> maintenance program,
> I am reading that there has been a clamp down on sales stateside.
> If there is information that could help me, please let me know.
> Again, to everyone who reached out to me. Thank you.
> It really means a lot to be recognized and acknowledged.
> -Sheldon

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