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James Jackson bajaiboganaut at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 12:19:03 CDT 2013

Valarie, waiting three months post Subutex is overkill, if tapered and
swapped to SAOs.  I would have responded to your inquiry about that as
posted here, but it seemed that you posed the question to Sister, so I held
off in my response.  Three to four weeks works.  I have many clients who
would attest to that- none of whom have relapsed. Less than that is
sketchy, painful, takes a lot of time and medicine ($) and does generally
lead to post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

No responsible ibo provider would ever advocate switching to Sub.  And I
can't imagine even an allopathic doc swapping someone to Sub off of 50mg of
Oxy.  Yikes!

We have to be careful when we compare apples and oranges.  But tons of
respect for speaking of your own personal experience and all the love in
the world in your putting that nasty stuff behind you!

James Russell Jackson
Casita Iboga
619 866-4460

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 12:08 AM, Valarie <val.needis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi my name is Valarie.  I have to wait 3 months before my ibogaine
> treatment because I was on Subutex, it has been incredibly difficult for
> me. I don't know your financial situation but if you have done ibogaine
> before and it was a success then if you have the sane mine frame which it
> sounds like you do.  I would do an ibogaine treatment asap. They will try
> to put you on Subutex or Suboxone tell you it's for 3 months. But it is
> harder to get off Then what you are on now, Unless you are going to do a
> detox that has a 3 day maximum subutex/ suboxone taper and you will still
> have a detox when you get home,even though u feel ok at that moment but the
> detox is not that bad. But do not touch SUB if you want to do Ibogaine! Not
> one Sub! Unless you are in danger if overdosing please do not take this
> drug!
> Ok sorry about that lol.
> My advice do Ibogaine,  I wish I could do it sooner. Lotsof Love, Val
> On Sep 4, 2013 11:23 PM, "sheldon Rucker" <iboga2differ at gmail.com> wrote:
>> greetings to all. This is Sheldon from the left coast.
>> It has been several years since I was hanging out here.
>> This is an entirely new format here, and I hope the following message
>> is legible and coherent...
>> So, several years ago, I found ibogaine treatment here on the mindvox
>> list.  This was performed stateside by a wonderful and caring
>> individual and her assistant.
>> Following this successful event, I have been drug free ever since.
>> Then a diagnosis of prostate cancer led me to a complete radical
>> prostatectomy (a'la de vinci surgery)
>> Naturally the resulting pain 'management' went poorly.
>> It's been a few of months now of oxycodone, and I have developed a
>> dependency of about 50 mg. a day.
>> I am being cut off, and now must choose a path to recovery.
>> I've considered detoxing with valium. It's not very appealing, and
>> lacks the spiritual drop-kick that I need to sail past the weeks and
>> months of depression and craving that I expect will be awaiting me.
>> So, here I am again. Looking to find a practitioner.
>> I see many familiar names, some new
>> I look forward to catching up on the state of affairs here, and
>> eventually, finding treatment and freedom from dependency once again.
>> I thank you all in advance for your help and caring.
>> Sheldon
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