[Ibogaine] for Jeff and all

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 05:25:59 CDT 2013

whaddaya mean just send a msg. star? u mean a new subject for every
answer to a post?

  i think i'll just hash tag the msg's if i can figure out what a hash
tag is. i always thought it was the pound key. then i figured if there
was a pound key then there had to be a kilo key and it being a kilo
key it  had to weigh 2.2 pound keys. so if a msg had a kilo key it
would have to be more important then if it had a pound key.


On 8/31/13, star ray <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:
> oh Jeff, I am so sorry for all your pain and suffering my friend.... I just
> want to say 'watch out for the benzo's"  I wish I had done more research
> before I starting taking 2 to 5 mg a day mostly to sleep for 2 years.  The
> withdrawal was hell.  I am just starting to feel better after 2 months.  I
> had horrible hot flashes for weeks and was suicidal and felt all 'cracked"
> out.  The sleep is still a problem but i am making it. The benzo's  screw up
> the hypothalames (sp) gland which regulates the body temperature and gives
> you a "benzo" belly,  made me moody and bitchy (my friends wanted to know
> what was going on) and extremely tired.........It takes the body maybe 6
> months or longer to get back to normal.  If i had known all this I probably
> would not have taken them at all.  It started out very slow and just kept
> getting worse.
> I am really sorry for what you have been through,  I hope you get the lesson
> whatever it is so this can  all stop for you.........I was straight for at
> least 20 years so I guess i was an Addict in remission... oh well
> hang in there jeff and stay away from the benzo's if you can
> Most people don't cold turkey off benzo's like i did but my body was
> shutting down proably due to my liver issues (hep c)
> Matt, thanks for that info about addiction, this is great information you
> have ALL given,  I love the personal stories.  Also, I have cut my sub down
> to about.25 mg daily or less ... I want off this crap but i need to function
> so i am using the taper method (have cut at least by 3/4's)
> AND val, i sent you a personal email, i am hoping you are OK
> One more little request, if would really make it alot easier with a lot less
> scrolling for the digest folks if you guys would just send a new message
> rather than a reply............:)
> star

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