[Ibogaine] for Jeff and all

Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 14:27:59 CDT 2013

Thanks Sister..
Nope I won't be picking up anything but a job.....I hope, being broke sucks.
I did pick up a little work this weekend and even went out last night for
some music, dancing, and a couple of beers.
All the heavy stress and anxiety was around a trip I had to make back to
nyc for moms birthday.
I ran into a ten milligram methadone pill  when I was packing , at the time
I was really freaking out about the work, travel, family issues, but when I
found that pill before I could even think about it I walked into the
bathroom and flushed it.
It was surreal and time was moving in slow motion like when your in a car
wreck. (noribogaine ROCKS)...but I really was not tempted to eat it as I
KNOW that one taste of an opiate is all it takes for me....it's just a
matter of time, maybe even hours before I'm downtown copping dope....
To be clear and honest I did use some Benzos when I was on the verge of
freaking out back east, and do have some more but I think I need to give
them to a friend to hold, cause god damn it I like getting high and they
are a temptation I don't need.
Thanks for checking in.
 Hey Jeff,

I apparently have missed your post around the difficulties your facing
now...a few post go straight to spam...if I don't check daily it's goes to
cyberspace forever w/o me reading.  So no clue on what's happening in your
life but will say one thing.  Don't pick up even if your ass falls off.
 This too shall pass.
Thinking about you.


On Sep 1, 2013, at 4:10 AM, Jeff G <jeffgallop at gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks for your kind words and sentiments.
I only recounted my first wife and my rehab experience to try and help Val,
but I think my recent quick trip to NYC where my first wife and I lived and
she died kicked up a bunch of stuff.....it helps to write it out. I thank
you all for indulging me....
I am not using the Benzos regularly.
But I know what a slippery slope it is .
It's been quite a ride and I really don't want to screw it now.
Thanks again

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