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I find your energy, although I barely know you, to be... compelling?
It's positive in any way.

Please read what I wrote to you on the "illuminati" topic, when you have

Otherwise I kind of feel "misunderstood".
And I feel I will continue feeling that way until you reply.
lol :)


On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 9:27 PM, Jeff G <jeffgallop at gmail.com> wrote:

> I love those space elves I meet with while in DMT....
> freak freely....
> JeffG
> On Oct 11, 2013 6:14 PM, "Sergey Sibirian" <sibirianfox at gmail.com> wrote:
>> James Rodger,
>> First of all I am very pleased to have met you here.
>> I am very fond of science and I try to keep up with all the exciting
>> discoveries being made in today's world.
>> You're a psychiatrist, but also one who understands the therapeutic value
>> of novel ways and psychedelics, that's already a huge achievement in my
>> opinion.
>> A scientist has to be curious and open-minded, not to be mediocre, I
>> think.
>> My methadone doctor is a psychiatrist, but he doesn't even know what in
>> the world Ibogaine is...
>> And he's supposed to help people with addiction... grrr...
>> So yea... I haven't done an Iboga flood, although I JUST KNOW that's it's
>> going to be my best shot at a sober life, so I'm getting there gradually.
>> My girl and I are on "long-life" opioids at this very moment, Methadone and
>> Buprenorphine subsequently, but we're clean otherwise,- it's been a
>> year'n'half,- and continually reducing.
>> In the spring we plan to switch to "short-acting" opioids, and then...
>> Ibogaine.
>> So back to your interests.
>> The thing is, about a year ago,- and this is how we managed to INTERRUPT
>> OUR ADDICTION CYCLE,- we met an old friend who's been off heroin for 10
>> years and is otherwise just a very unique individual.
>> I can't even begin to describe what this have done to us, what changes it
>> brought along.
>> Dimethyltryptamine along with psilocybine and lysergic acid were the
>> most... I have no words actually.
>> It just made me see myself as a being of light, of condensed energy...
>> Most important, while the whole world around me is pure information (the
>> words I write, the music I hear, the things I see and experience, even my
>> girl :), they're all electromagnetic pulses traveling through my brain FROM
>> THE OUTER WORLD INSIDE ME, in that succession. The only thing that isn't, I
>> realized, the only thing that travels in the other direction,- FROM THE
>> INSIDE OF MYSELF OUT IN THE WORLD is the inner feeling of presence, of
>> consciousness, of "me just existing".
>> I don't know if I express myself anywhere clearly.
>> Then there's also the realization that DRUG ABUSE is pure destruction and
>> self hatred, suppression and numbness.
>> Psychedelics, on the other hand, is ALL THE OPPOSITE: it's condensation
>> of reality, awareness of the inner workings of this wonderful, wonderful
>> world. It's to feel, to experience, to explore, to love instead of numb,
>> hidden, hatred, destruction...
>> So that will be it for today.
>> :)
>> I hope I'm not too spaced out with my analogies. I try to pass on what I
>> felt the best way I can, but when it comes to psychedelics, I think less
>> then 1% of info can be transmitted.
>> Oh!, and there's this thing as well: I seemed to be able to just draw
>> huge piles of useful info from the state of "being wired to the higher
>> dimension". All kinds of very deep revelations, some unsettling, some
>> insightful...
>> One time on acid,- it was still close to the period where we were using
>> smack and coke,- I saw a kind of a BLACK STAMP on my girls face and skull.
>> There was this black skull imbedded in her flesh, like an indian with his
>> colours on, just this was very clear where it originates. It was a sign
>> that if we don't stop drugs RIGHT NOW, at least SHE WILL die.
>> And I could see the wilting, the decease, the wasted years of youth, the
>> best years, the closed doors, the wasted talent... All that shit in the
>> form of a black skull staring back at me from the face of a being I love
>> with all my heart and soul...
>> Brrr... I get shivers...
>> To finish on a brighter note, on DMT I felt and communicated with very
>> strange beings. They were intelligent, but very different. I couldn't
>> understand their intention, other then interact. They seemed to be made of
>> energy, not matter (they are the same anyway :))
>> Ok, :)
>> Sergey
>> On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 3:18 PM, James Rodger <jamesrodger72 at yahoo.co.uk>wrote:
>>> Dear all
>>> Some of you may remember I posted to the list a couple of years ago, to
>>> see if anyone wanted to comment on a paper i was writing. I got some useful
>>> responses and in case anyone who is interested has not seen the paper the
>>> link to the abstract is -
>>> http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?articleid=1954084
>>> I can send a full version on request.
>>> I have been working on another paper, on and off, for sometime -
>>> regarding the safety of ibogaine. Not just physical health which I know is
>>> well covered but also mental health. I am coming from the perspective of
>>> wanting to promote ibogaine within the medical establishment (I myself for
>>> my sins am a psychiatrist) but I think to do so it is important to
>>> acknowledge and reflect on safety concerns. A doctor in the UK was
>>> suspended a couple of years ago by the GMC (the UK's regulatory body for
>>> doctors) for giving ibogaine to a patient but not properly consenting him
>>> in terms of risks and alternatives. The patient in question apparently had
>>> a significant mental health reaction to the treatment.
>>> I realise ibogaine is 'difficult' and indeed some on this list have
>>> commented that even terrifying experiences have therapeutic value. I would
>>> be interested to hear from people who had very difficult experiences that
>>> they eventually managed to process and integrate - but also people who have
>>> had difficult or traumatic experiences that have remained unresolved.
>>> I'd be interested in knowing peoples thoughts also on:
>>> 1) what factors contribute to a difficult or "bad" experience"?
>>> 2) what factors contribute to it's resolution or to a lack or resolution?
>>> 3) are these factors similar for ibogaine as for other more classical
>>> 'hallucinogens' such as LSD? (I am aware some people report ibogaine to be
>>> more 'controllable' through opening eyes etc. and that some have asserted
>>> that ibogaine experiences do not involve "ego death" but I would be
>>> interested in people expanding on this - either in agreement or
>>> disagreement or offering a different perspective altogether)
>>> If I include any comments or quotes in the final paper I will of course
>>> acknowledge you unless you wish to remain anonymous. I may also contact
>>> people who have already written about such things on the list, to see if
>>> they are happy to be quoted.
>>> Many thanks and good wishes
>>> James
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