[Ibogaine] Kratom and Phenibut is saving me.....

Sergey Sibirian sibirianfox at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 22:04:34 CDT 2013

Hi Mroz,

You said it's been day five OFF SUB.
Even though you're substituting with an opioid agonist, albeit much, much
of a different, BETTER type,- Kratom-, I would still love to know how
things are "feeling"?
Sub has a particularity, SLOW RECEPTOR DISSOCIATION, which should translate
in a very slow onset of withdrawals, although ultimately not necessarily
less painful/suffering.

So how many days you're off Sub?
How long have you been taking it AND what was the initial dose?
How does it feel?

Hope these questions are not too intrusive.



On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 1:09 PM, L.N. Mroz <leomroz24 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I recently stopped taking my 1-2mg of Suboxone and also started to cut my
> Benzo intake as well. I tried to cold turkey the sub and that did not work
> out well at all. Insomnia, restless legs and full body aches.
> I remember trying Kratom a few months ago, but since I was still on the
> low dose of sub, I really didn't feel it and thus give it a real chance.
> Its now been day 5 of no sub and the ONLY reason I have not gone back on
> my subs is because I have kratom....
> This blew me away at how powerful this stuff can be, my withdrawals were
> reduced down to ZERO, my energy shoots up and also I feel all around a
> sense of well being and social.
> I buy my kratom from www.bouncingbearbotanicals.com?ref=4813 and the
> Phenibut from www.liftmode.com
> Has anybody had the same experience? Also has anyone herd of Phenibut, it
> is supposed to act on the GABA B receptor and GABA A receptor just like
> Benzo's.
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