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Mon Oct 7 11:05:12 CDT 2013

Lmao.  What you mean weird.  Everyone of them are approved abbreviation by medical standards, (I think).    Ty Jeff for vote of confidence that my hearts in the right place.  
I know when writing I need not to be so blunt.  Not being able to read my body language, read my eyes, I come across as judgmental.  I have not a leg to stand on to judge anyone.  The things I did in the 35 yrs addicted to avoid getting dope sick, getting cash to buy, trusting anyone who claimed an easier way sickens me today.  It's taken a lot to learn to forgive myself.  Believe it or not I'm working on it.  I delete more then gets posted due to how it comes across.  I'm still work in progress.

Sergy, Ty for being open enough to accept my apology.  I feel strongly against suboxone, hate the damage I see it causing my fellow addicts.  Pls don't take my word for it but read around drug forums not attached to pharm companies, not sponser by those who pay thier bills depending on the drug.  Opiate detox and recovery is one, subsux another.  You can also visit suboxone zone....but those who spoke the truth about the poison are quickly banned...leaving those who are on it to post.   Research who is posting...dr J who makes his living scripting sub...can you trust what he claims when his house note depends on it?  Just try to be open to what those who are trying to live w/o dosing daily.
I wish you gf the best and sucess.


> On Oct 7, 2013, at 11:24 AM, Jeff G <jeffgallop at gmail.com> wrote:
> Damn, I forgot to put my little smiley face in after my "weird medical abbreviation" comment....
> I was just fooling around a little about that .
> JeffG
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