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Valarie val.needis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 05:34:16 CDT 2013

I tried to start a new post but my last one never posted, so I am going to
continue on this thread.
Junk boy, I was wandering through the archives and I read where you wrote
how to take the tylonal out of your Lortab. You said you mixed it with
grapejuice and it made the pills last longer? Did I get that right?
Lotsof  Love, √a|

On Sat, 5 Oct 2013, Matt S. wrote:

 On 10/5/2013 4:32 AM, Chris Jenks wrote:
>> On Sun, 29 Sep 2013, Matt S. wrote:
>>  HI Val
>>> I don't know the answers to all of those questions.  I knew about
>>> krokodil because drug use in general is a topic that is very much of
>>> interest to me on pretty much every level, so I read a lot about every
>>> aspect of it.  There is another thing I read about where people are
>>> shooting up buproprion (aka wellbutrin, aka zyban) because it has a sort
>>> of stimulant effect.  I actually did notice the same and used to
>>> take like 4 at a time once in a while for the buzz, although thank God I
>>> never injected it.  Apparently the filler material causes tissue to
>>> dissolve.  I read that a few people who had hit unlucky arteries had
>>> wound up having massive neural tissue disintegrate within hours of
>>> injecting it causing paralysis and then death.  Other people have had
>>> less severe although still serious tissue damage.
>>> [...]
>>> Matt
>>   It sucks that they can't find a "filler" for buproprion tablets which
>> is not neurotoxic.
>>  I'm sure they would Chris except that changing it to accommodate IV drug
> users would "send the wrong message".
> I find myself depressed by the fact that my cynicism about reality is all
> too often indistinguishable from actual reality.
> Matt

  I wasn't expecting them to go that far, specifically. My thinking was
that if the filler is neurotoxic my IV administration it is probably
neurotoxic by other routes too. If they are counting on some digestive
enzyme to inactivate the poison it could put some subpopulation at risk.
And filler shouldn't have to be toxic anyway. It just reminds me of the
acetamnophen deliberately mixed with codeine and other drugs so people who
take too much, or combine with alcohol, may end up on a liver list. And how
that benefits us all. :/ Sorry for feeding your cynicism with my own
identical cynicism. One positive way to look at this would be how hilarious
it would all be if it were not actually happening. At least some hilarious
things seem to have been reformed.

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