[Ibogaine] Krockodil

Matt S. ibogamail at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 12:04:12 CDT 2013

On 10/5/2013 4:32 AM, Chris Jenks wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Sep 2013, Matt S. wrote:
>> HI Val
>> I don't know the answers to all of those questions.  I knew about 
>> krokodil because drug use in general is a topic that is very much of
>> interest to me on pretty much every level, so I read a lot about 
>> every aspect of it.  There is another thing I read about where people 
>> are
>> shooting up buproprion (aka wellbutrin, aka zyban) because it has a 
>> sort of stimulant effect.  I actually did notice the same and used to
>> take like 4 at a time once in a while for the buzz, although thank 
>> God I never injected it.  Apparently the filler material causes 
>> tissue to
>> dissolve.  I read that a few people who had hit unlucky arteries had 
>> wound up having massive neural tissue disintegrate within hours of
>> injecting it causing paralysis and then death.  Other people have had 
>> less severe although still serious tissue damage.
>> [...]
>> Matt
>   It sucks that they can't find a "filler" for buproprion tablets 
> which is not neurotoxic.
I'm sure they would Chris except that changing it to accommodate IV drug 
users would "send the wrong message".

I find myself depressed by the fact that my cynicism about reality is 
all too often indistinguishable from actual reality.


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