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Fri Nov 29 17:24:05 CST 2013

Daniel, I don't know if you have looked into this but it is safer then
going on pills that will be abused and not to mention expensive, or go to
I know of a few people personally who are staying off Methadone this way,
and I personally used it to help me get off Subutex, untill I had a
seizure.  If you have a history of seizures high doses of Kratom can make
you easily seizure susceptible.
Lotsof Love, Val
 On Nov 28, 2013 5:33 PM, "star ray" <earthshealing at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Wow Danielle, thanks for sharing your story....you have been through
> alot... now personally i am not sure how long you have to be off methadone
> to have a successful ibogaine treatment but i am sure someone on this list
> knows... I think ibogaine is definitely a good idea for you... whatever you
> do, if ibogaine is your plan, do not go back on methadone or suboxone!!!!
> Happy Thanksgiving, gotta go , my son and i are bonding over a movie
> LOVE and hang in there,  STAR
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