[Ibogaine] off topic - Please if you could assist us

Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 18:57:20 EDT 2013

I was simply asking for more information about the compound you referred
to. I think the post ibo lethargy is one of the biggest hurdles to deal
with at that critical time and wanted more info.
Gmail and I think most email programs quote the text by default and that's
why it happens more often than not. The attachment of an entire thread is
something  that makes reading through ones email difficult at best. I hate
it but admit I am guilty  of doing it unintentionally sometimes.
Quoting the post you are referring to seems a good way to avoid confusion...

Personally, I feel that Jeremy was a disturbed human going thru some very
very difficult things. Annoying to some, but I always tried to take his
posts with more than a grain of salt, and found him not so much annoying as
pitiful... just sad.

Whatever....my point was more about the methyl b12, so thanks for that
information I'll google it.
Any other tips for getting past the post ibogaine lethargy?

> I must say however that I hate how people must quote one's entire post. I
know it doesn't make too much sense Jeff and we actually know eachother.
Sorry. At least I didn't annoy people to no end constantly like Jeremy.
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