[Ibogaine] off topic - Please if you could assist us

fallen eden falleneden1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 10:08:42 EDT 2013

Ok guys, native english instructions by: Me. Scroll to the bottom line of
the pics. It is picture 415 at the bottom, six people holding a bride
across their arms. I think I'm gonna need my broken desktop for this voting
business though. By the way.. Is this a slavic language my friend? (ie guys
"slavic language" meaning the kinds they speak in all the countries near
Russia, eastern europe.. and one ibo-famous country that starts with the
letter S...

Sorry, I just saw the š.. The s with "the little hat".. It just looks
familiar... (I don't understand anything though except "foto" lol.)

Come now, help the man out! I will vote everyday once I figure out how...
Undoubtedly in eastern european time, remember that people! (So it's a good
6-9 hrs ahead of your timezone for stateside peeps. That means if you vote
at 11pm/23.00hrs, the site will count it as a vote for the following
day/morning.) Good thing I had insomnia.

But, hey Patrick I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth using space and
approving ppl for a list we don't use.. I'll do the darn queue though after
figuring out HOW to vote.. But yeah guys, it's picture 415 at the bottom
and should be six ppl holding a woman horizontally across their arms.
On Mar 21, 2013 1:00 AM, "Dragan Stamenovic" <misvetli at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> could you be so kind to help me to take my dear wife to trip to Istanbul
> for 6 days period. I know its funny request but as we are from Serbia any
> savings in money is like huge financial support. All you have to do is to
> follow this link which is leading you to radio web sight
> http://indexradio.com/Vesti/196/7-dana-u-istambulu . When you scroll down
> you will see pictures of newly married maidens and grooms and if you could
> just click on button GLASAJ which actually means to vote. Picture of my
> wife and me is one were six persons are holding maiden in their hands.
> You can vote once a day and competition is lasting until Friday.
> Thank you all,
> From opened and grateful hart,
> Dragan
> p.s once again sorry for misusing this forum
> --
> existence, essence, truth ...
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