[Ibogaine] Pfizer Kingpin Gunned Down In Ongoing Prescription Drug Cartel Turf War

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On 3/19/2013 6:12 PM, Matt S. wrote:
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> NEW YORK—In the latest of an increasingly violent series of murders 
> linked to international prescription drug trafficking, infamous Pfizer 
> cartel leader Philip “El Loco” Cox was gunned down Thursday by rivals 
> from the Bristol-Myers Squibb organization, the FBI has confirmed.
> The 63-year-old Pfizer boss, who became the nation’s top pharma 
> kingpin after the 2009 toppling of Wyeth ringleader Richard Russell, 
> was reportedly shot five times in the chest by sales reps from 
> Bristol-Myers Squibb, part of an ongoing turf war to control the 
> lucrative pharmaceutical market.
> “The murder of El Loco is a direct result of the escalating struggle 
> over supply routes and territory between Pfizer and the Squibbs,” said 
> FBI spokesman Jeff Lyons, using the nickname given to the rival 
> cartel’s operatives, who allegedly woke Cox up in the middle of the 
> night and killed him in front of his wife and children. “From 
> lipid-lowering agents like Crestor to hard diabetes drugs like 
> Avandia, everybody’s using this stuff, some of them as young as 35 or 
> 40. The market’s worth billions, and it’s a bloody business.”
> “Prescription drug traffickers are no longer just sending their reps 
> into clinics to pressure doctors,” Lyons added. “Now they’re 
> kidnapping the ones who don’t prescribe their product, decapitating 
> them, and rolling their heads through hospital hallways.”
> Thursday’s killing comes just days after the discovery of human 
> remains belonging to Eli Lilly employees whose bodies had been 
> viciously disfigured, disemboweled, and dumped in a mass grave outside 
> Indianapolis. The corpses were reportedly only identifiable after 
> authorities found a scrap of a polo shirt nearby bearing the cartel’s 
> corporate insignia.
> “El Loco” Cox’s murder is believed to have resulted from a 
> long-running dispute over heart-medication distribution cells in the 
> Northeast, where in the past year at least 500 people have been killed 
> as the warring syndicates fight to push Lipitor and Pravachol, their 
> rival products. However, the FBI told reporters that revenge might 
> also have played a role.
> “The bureau believes this assassination may have been ordered as an 
> act of retaliation by the Fat Man himself,” said Lyons, referring to 
> the notorious “pharmo” Doug Kirkendall, who is currently head of 
> marketing at Bristol-Myers Squibb. “Last year, his wife was found 
> hanging from a telephone pole and smeared with a prescription-only 
> topical psoriasis cream—the signature threat of the Pfizer cartel.”
> According to law enforcement officials, the blow to Pfizer could 
> create an opening for the New Jersey–based Merck and Johnson & Johnson 
> cartels to move in and expand their operations. Both groups have 
> lately recruited more biochemical engineers, drug marketers, and 
> family doctors into their ranks, with Merck burning down several 
> Walgreens pharmacies in October following a pricing dispute.
> Many experts have argued that responsibility for the violence 
> ultimately lies with U.S. consumers, whose insatiable demand for 
> designer drugs has made big pharma so incredibly profitable.
> “Every time you go to your doctor demanding Concerta or Lunesta or 
> once-daily Singulair, you’re fueling a dangerous $350 billion industry 
> that kills thousands of innocent people each year,” said John Cotts, a 
> Georgetown University sociologist who specializes in 
> prescription-drug-related crime. “They’ve bought off the cops, they’ve 
> bought off the politicians, and their power is growing every day.”
> He added, “Just remember that the next time you visit a major 
> pharmaceutical hub—maybe it’s San Diego, maybe it’s Raleigh-Durham—you 
> may find yourself abducted, tortured, and thrown out of a moving car 
> with the word ‘GlaxoSmithKline’ carved into your chest.”
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