[Ibogaine] Any tips on finding a good post-ibo counselor in MA/NH?

Donny Drake donnydrake18 at yahoo.co.uk
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I want to ask you what your after-care protocol do you provide and what type of Ibogaine treatment do you provide..Do you mix HCL and TA for an initial flood treatment? if someone is coming off long opiates such as methadone and suboxone do you give them TA or HCL or both? and what do you provide afterwards i.e root bark or TA boosters.


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Hello Dan,

What I have seen as a successful after care is a Buddhist retreat.
get to know yourself from within, learn how to deal with daily stress and trauma.
have inspiration, compassion around you, which will give you time to integrate
your ibogaine experience, gain insights about your Ego, mind,body spirit.
when a person is challenging his own intellect to find ways to heal, it will promote
your intuition, self-esteem, spiritual-growth and talents.

Good luck!


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