[Ibogaine] Any tips on finding a good post-ibo counselor in MA/NH?

Dan McDonald mutex77 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 12 13:33:11 EDT 2013

I'd LOVE to go on a buddist retreat. Getting the time off work may not be so easy for me. Ive eaten through alot of vaca time already, and have another vaca booked, plus taking ibogogaine & recovering sometime in there. But perhaps a few months after it I can go. For me that may be the best time. Last time after ibogaine I was ecstatic to be off methadone for the 1st month or so. Then it started to wear off and I started to not appreciate sobriety. Granted I had many other issues I wont get into, but I think a retreat would of helped. Definitely wouldnt of been bad. 

I have a friend thats from Cambodia and his family basically forced him into going to one, telling him he needed to get more in touch with his culture. He really did not want to go. He's very, very shy & quiet and new things seem to freak him out. I kept telling him he'll probably like it and worst case-scenario, a break from work. I guess he even tried coming up with some fabrication to his family for why he couldnt go, but they called him on it and told him to get his butt in there or else. He still lived at home so didnt really have a choice...He begrudgingly went. Its funny, I would of switched places with him in a second to go, he would of also switched places with me in a second not to go. 

He came back all smiles. He said it was amazing. Life changing. Went on and on about how lucky he was to experience it and plans on making it a regular thing.  


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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Any tips on finding a good post-ibo counselor in MA/NH?
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> Hello Dan,
> What I have seen as a successful after care is a Buddhist
> retreat.
> get to know yourself from within, learn how to deal with
> daily stress and trauma.
> have inspiration, compassion around you, which will give you
> time to integrate
> your ibogaine experience, gain insights about your Ego,
> mind,body spirit.
> when a person is challenging his own intellect to find ways
> to heal, it will promote
> your intuition, self-esteem, spiritual-growth and talents.
> Good luck!
> Sara
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