[Ibogaine] smaller doses of ibogaine

Dan McDonald mutex77 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 21 15:08:45 CDT 2013

I took ibogaine once before, 1500mg hcl and it got me off 50mg of methadone. Im on 15mg now, and planning a flood for next week. I started taking 100mg of hcl a day to reduce how much mdone im on before next weekend. Even at 100mg, it makes me a little dizzy and shakey, and is definitely helping. 

I was planning on taking 1250mg since im not on as much mdone as last time and 1500mg floored me, and I really want to take as little as possible. 

What happens when you take a smaller but still substantial dose (for me anyway) of say 750mg? Someone suggested to me that I could split the flood over 2 days with 750mg each day? Does that work? What happens if someone doesnt take enough ibogaine?

Also if anyone knows, if im taking 100mg hcl a day for 7 days, should that change my flood dose? 


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